Soulection’s Esta Gives Kali Uchis’ “Know What I Want” a Boom-Bap Makeover

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Kali Uchis‘ video for “Know What I Want” landed high on our Favorite Music Videos of 2015 list, and, of course, the song is as smooth as its accompanying visuals. California DJ and producer Esta (great name)–who is also part of the Soulection crew–just uploaded his interpretation of the song, and he laid some serious hip-hop vibes over the originally ska-oriented track. It works so well that it sounds like the Colombian singer went to the recording booth and sang over his beats. The bass is heavy, the beat is infectious, the keys are soulful, and the synths shine and ripple on every chorus repetition. Everything works together while Uchis’ voice the star of the song, which it surely is.