EsaMiPau Takes Kali Uchis’ “Sycamore Tree” to the Dance Floor With Unofficial Remix

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Mexico City’s EsaMiPau┬áhas taken on┬áColombian-rooted songstress Kali Uchis“Sycamore Tree” for an unofficial remix, shining a new light on the artist’s soulful Por Vida release last year. For the unofficial remix, Paulina twists Uchis’ humming a capella, coaxing it to the dance floor with synth bends and an electro turn.

As a songwriter, performer, video producer, stylist, and more, Uchis recently released a Tarantino-esque video for “Rush,” with the hope that “while watching this video you will find a moment of peace in this world full of images of violence and injustice.” EsaMiPau takes a similarly multi-pronged approach to the hustle, hosting a radio spot at Ibero 90.9, DJing across the city, and producing an EP where she’ll only be remixing female-identifying artists. Keep an eye out for more on that soon.