Kamixlo Teases New ‘Demonico’ EP With Haunting Drill Edit “Montanadelamuerte”

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Flaunting the dark, syncopated club sounds that have inundated the underground club scene, Chilean-British producer Kamixlo just dropped a quick edit to up-and-coming Chicago rapper Montana of 300’s song “Chiraq (Remix),” retitled “Montanadelamuerte.”

Kamixlo, who has made a name for himself as a member of the Bala Club collective and London’s rowdy Endless parties, crafts a killer beat here that pairs perfectly with Montana’s aggressive, borderline deranged bars. The end result is what can be best described as a high-intensity dance party in a haunted house. Let’s just say we don’t know whether to run for our lives or head bang to this.

Kamixlo, who posted the edit to his SoundCloud a week ago, just announced that his new EP Demonico will drop on October 16 via PAN and Visionist’s new label Codes.