Kamixlo Flips Wisin y Yandel’s “Paleta” Into a Brutal Reggaeton Assault

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Chilean-British producer Kamixlo is finally putting out his debut release this Friday, an EP titled Demonico, through Visionist’s reborn imprint CODES. We’ve heard what he’s capable of by listening to the few tracks he’s sporadically posted on his SoundCloud account, and through “Sniper Redux,” his killer collaboration with Blaze Kidd and Uli K, but honestly, we weren’t prepared for the brutal assault that is his first single “Paleta.

“Paleta” is based on samples from the Wisin y Yandel song of the same name, with a special emphasis on the female vocalist’s “Paleta, dame paleta” line, which is looped over and over throughout the song. But the ruthless drum-heavy beat and blown-out bass caught our attention immediately, basically because they hit you hard like a ton of bricks.

Demonico EP is out October 16.