Kampion Channels Guilty Pleasure Cheesiness on ‘Acoxxpa’ LP

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To some of the people living in the big metropolis known as Mexico City, Villa Coapa is synonymous of many things, especially when it comes to lowbrow culture and bad aesthetic taste (we’re talking about a place where the boozy cover rock band attempting Bunbury’s heroic voice is the defacto Saturday night activity of choice). So it might be a little surprising that Guillermo Guevara cites that neighborhood as inspiration for his forthcoming electronic opus under the Kampion guise.

He explains that most of what he did on this record was about trying to connect with his generation’s collective subconscious, as well as finding peace with what he consumed as a young person before his tastes got defined with age. Judging from “Flash,” the first song to come off his debut solo album Acoxxpa, he is on the right track. The tune may have sounds that some could consider cheesy but the beat is chill and summery; you can totally picture this song being played at a massive party, dropping just before the big anthem everyone is waiting for.

Guevara has kept busy, releasing remixes and compilation tracks that you can listen to on his Soundcoloud page. Some of you might remember him from his days as half of DUOPANDAMIX, stalwarts of La Panadería gallery space from around 10 years ago in Mexico City. Guillermo certainly retains a fun-loving attitude of those days.

Acoxxpa drops today on Static Discos.