Kanaku Y El Tigre’s Soul-Affirming “Si Te Mueres Mañana” Gets The Video Treatment

Some of the most precious moments we get to experience in this monkey’s ether dream we call life happen during our childhood. There’s a feeling of joy, discovery and a search for nothing in particular that makes our days valuable; we get to seize the day to the fullest, either because of the boundless energy of our ripe bodies or because we think it’s the best way to experience everything around us. Or both. Then comes adolescence with its never ending parade of drama, and then adulthood with even fewer chances for us to get funky, let alone marvel at the little things that matter.

“Si Te Mueres Mañana” is a video that perfectly captures the feeling of early youth when you get to hit the streets with your best buddies and everything seems possible. The Victor Chueca-directed film will have you look back at memories of leisure and laughter, when going outside was nothing short of an epic adventure. It doesn’t matter if your childhood wasn’t like the one portrayed by the kids in here —Peruvian skaters and occasional impromptu breakdancers— it’s their smiles, camaraderie, and tireless efforts to make something out of doing nothing.

It’s a great way to illustrate a track informed by the spirit of reaching out for something bigger and brighter, a beautiful collection of sounds with lyrics about taking advantage of every moment and opportunity we get. The Lima-based act mixes electronic instrumentation with gospel-like ecstatic folk that nods to their Andes-ancestors. The results are better felt on the chorus of the song, which is so soul affirming it will make you think it has been hardwired into your brain. Both sound and vision are mixed together in well balanced blend.

“Si Te Mueres mañana” is a taste of Quema Quema Quema, the forthcoming Kanaku y El Tigre record that will drop on 5/20.