Kap G Hits Up a Pill-Popping Pool Party in Full Charro Garb in the “Freakin N Geekin” Video

In the video for his latest song “Freakin N Geekin,” Atlanta rapper Kap G and director Jon J create the perfect amalgam of Mexican heritage, rap video tropes, and digital prescription bottles. In other words, your tía will hate it – and that’s exactly the point.

Over a beat that will remind you of Zaytoven and Gucci Mane’s early collaborations, Kap G lets the world know he’s got your girlfriend “geekin for the weekend.” The track off of Kap G’s forthcoming El SupaJefe is the newest addition to a long line of rap songs devoted to the prescribed and non-prescribed friends in our pill bottles and jacket pockets. From Mac Dre’s “Thizzle Dance” to D4L’s “Geeked Up,” pill popper anthems have been a staple of rap music’s underground for years.

Here, Kap G makes his contribution while in full charro garb, riding a horse, and donning a top and bottom grill. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable culture clash that Kap G and the production team make look seamless, one that illustrates what it’s like growing up with roots on both sides of the contentious line separating gringolandia and our ancestral homes.

Trompetas, piscinas y mujeres. Watch the video enough times, and you’ll start to imagine Vicente Fernández singing over a Metro Boomin’ production.

Watch our documentary with Kap G below: