Kap G Plots How He’s Going to Steal Your Girl in the Video for “Girlfriend”

Following the splash made by his El Southside mixtape, Kap G is continuing the momentum with the release of visuals for “Girlfriend.” The song embodies the trap style present throughout El Southside and is a direct product of Kap G’s College Park, GA upbringing.

Few insults cut as deep as telling someone 1) you’ve been stepping out with their boo 2) you’re tired of them and sending them back home. Kap does just this, with lines like, “I just smoked a blunt with your girlfriend/I think that I’m done with your girlfriend/All up in my business, she been lurkin’/I been tryin’ to tell her ‘bye,’ it ain’t workin’.” For the video, Kap gets literal, employing someone else’s girlfriend to have a fun-filled day while her main squeeze impatiently waits for her to come pick him up. He finds himself getting escorted around Atlanta in her doorless Wrangler as they share some smoke, go to the strip club, and seek out trouble. The clip ends with the woman in question quite literally shoving Kap out of her ride as her man looks on disbelief. Cold world.

The video is the second visual off El Southside, following the more grim realities of the first single’s video, “Power.” With cosigns from the likes of Pharrell, DJ Drama, Young Thug, and other well-respected players in the game, and catchy radio-ready singles like this, we expect to see Kap G cross over into the big leagues sooner rather than later.