Does Kap G Really Want To Be “Like El Chapo”?

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Atlanta’s own Kap G is back at it. The young cat dubbed “The Future” by none other than Pharrell – and who we had the pleasure of featuring last year on our Cultura Dura Tour –  is starting off his year with this little tease of a single, a track centered around a character that’s been pretty popular among rappers for a few years now: Sinaloa’s legendary drug kingpin El Chapo.

While it might not be an original theme, it’s hard to curb the head bob that kicks in when you hear Kap rattle off “vato vato vato vato vato vato vato vato” on this beat. With help from fellow up-and-comer Ca$h Out, the track is a pretty solid piece to start the year.

In its own way, “Like El Chapo” seems to be in dialogue with Mexico’s narco corrido tradition, which is kind of fitting given how often that genre has been compared to 90s gangsta rap. But judging by El Chapo’s current arrest in Mexico, I don’t think Kap G will want to be like him for very long.