Kap G, T.I. & David Banner Release Powerful “La Policia” Remix

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Back in 1988, Ice Cube rapped the words, “so police think they have the authority to kill a minority” in N.W.A’s “Fuck tha Police.” With recent events revolving around the abuse of police power and the recent slaying of unarmed Walter Scott just two days ago, the protest slogan still rings true for many minorities.

Kap G, hailing from Atlanta, wrote “Fuck La Policia” after dealing with his own account of racial profiling. The original song was released a little over a year ago. Today, the Mexican-American rapper is joined on the remix with two rap heavy hitters. While the song was written with a young Latino perspective, T.I. and David Banner recognize that it’s a shared experience, frustrating and relatable. The emcees describe their individual encounters and bring to light the injustices caused to Mike Brown, Eric Garner and seven-year-old Aiyana Jones. “Until it’s justice, it’s just fuck the police,” raps T.I. The same three words, 27 years later.

Catch him at Festival Marvin in Mexico City.