Karol Conka Sneaks Politics Onto the Dance Floor in Tropkillaz Collab “É o Poder”

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“É o Poder,” Karol Conka‘s newest collaboration with Brazilian super producers Tropkillaz, is a powerful new track about getting what you want and fighting to keep it. In the SoundCloud description that accompanies the song, Conka says that it’s a reflection of the times we live in, the struggle for success, and the power we all have to go out and achieve our goals. The track embodies this inspiration as it heralds Conka’s imminent explosion as one of Brazil’s biggest and brightest voices in pop music.

Sonically, the song is an amalgamation of reggae and trap, a blend that finds a cohesive yet intense middle ground between club banger and ballad. A clear move forward from “Tombei,” her last team-up with Tropkillaz, Conka’s seductive and entrancing rhymes are the clear focal point of the song, on top of the dope beat. The result is romantic but raw, slow but bursting with energy. This is the real perreo, that sweaty slow grind stuff; it’s the kind of dancing that determines if your potential bae will go home with you at the end of the night, and with every bar and body roll, Karol Conka pushes you closer to that goal. It’s a sneaky – and effective – way of bringing her political struggle to the dance floor.