Katzù Oso’s Narcos Inspired Track is a Synth-Heavy Earworm

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the Artist.
Photo courtesy of the Artist.
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Ever the DIY artist, Katzù Oso didn’t have a guitar slide at hand, so instead he used a Guayakí Yerba Mate bottle to get the slippery riff effect subtly accenting “Secuestro al Corazón.” The synth-heavy pop bop, out today, marks the Mexican-American musician’s first-ever Spanish-language effort, aside from his segment on the “Los Angeles Lindo y Querido” project.

Bedroom pop, how the SoCal native’s music is often described, works as a descriptor only in reference to the creation process, really—he does make all his music at home, on his own, and so was well-prepared for music-making in times of Coronavirus. But the hazy, lo-fi sound attached to the category doesn’t line up with the vibrant, often danceable sound of his 2018 debut, Pastel. In fact, Osu seems to be on an increasingly lively path: “In Too Deep,” released about a month ago, is an especially spirited disco house hat-tip.

And he was probably in his actual bedroom, or maybe in his living room, while watching Narcos, which served as inspiration for this latest single.

“I was hooked on Narcos and the idea of making a song that captured the intensity of what the show portrayed which is why the title just seemed fitting. ‘Secuestro’ is heard and seen throughout the series so I just wanted to capture the emotion of ‘kidnapping’ someone’s heart as the title says,” Oso explained via press release.

Both recently released tracks will be featured on Katzù Osu’s upcoming EP, Colour, slated for June release via Cosmica Artists.

Listen to “Sequestro Al Corazón” here: