Kaydy Cain’s New Mixtape Has Bedroom Beats For Your Date With Mr. Right Now

Lead Photo: Courtesy of La Vendición Records
Courtesy of La Vendición Records
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It’d be wrong to say that Kaydy Cain has never had a tender moment. “OG,” off last year’s mixtape with Spanish producer Cookin Soul, paired lyrics extolling modest financial stability (“no soy rico pero no me falta de comer”) with visuals of Kaydy squeezing out packets of dressing onto green salads for his three sweethearts, before a group stroll out to the ocean waves. Look, he’s got his foursome eating, and healthy.

It’s always going to be a player’s life for the prolific baby-faced rapper with the permanent kiss on his cheekbone, but the concerns leveled at the now defunct PXXR GVNG crew for their sexist lyrics do get complicated when you take into account these spots of genuine sweetness.

Enter the 4 My 8itches mixtape. Straight off the bat, the title presents us with the Kaydy’s pragmatic version of tender lovin’. These six tracks give us a more commercial R&B sound than we’ve seen previously from KC, which of course doesn’t imply K-Ci and JoJo levels of sweetness and devotion these days. R&B left that kind of simple storybook love back with Boyz II Men in the late 90s, somewhere alongside the chicness of mental stability and faith in enduring monogamous relationships.

Who doesn’t love trap romance though? Or ambiguous platonic relationships (“Solo Amigos”), or a boo who tells you you’re a natural beauty but uff, when you wear makeup! (See: “Pretty Girl.”) “Por Nadie” provides a moment of genuine sweetness, but 4 My 8itches’ standout tracks include the Spanglish shorty ode “La Fuerte” and “Movie Star,” a song that begs you keep your iPhone set on camera mode and close to the bed to immortalize a fleeting love.

The mixtape was produced by La Vendición singer and beatmaker AC3, who also provided guest vocals. He lends the release a consistent baby-making beat, perfect for those moments when things are looking cute and you want to lay up with your Mr. Right Now for a couple more hours. Modern love, Kaydy Cain has it.

Kaydy Cain’s 4 My 8itches mixtape is out now on La Vendición Records.