Kaydy Cain Evolves His Emo Trap Persona in 808 Mafia-Produced ‘Money From Nothin” Mixtape

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In an act of trans-Atlantic trap love, 808 Mafia produced Kaydy Cain’s Money From Nothin’ mixtape, which the prolific Spanish rapper is dropping today. It’s hardly the beginning of Pxxr Gvng and 808’s relationship — Southside took a trip to Spain last winter that resulted in, among other projects, “Guapo.”

But the eight track collection serves as a real co-sign for the Spanish rapper. Kaydy sounds right at home, his verses arrayed on top of chilled ATL beats like those of “Andrea,” also featuring Cain’s Takers associate Caballo de Rally. A wash of EDM coming through on the mixtape’s title track. “Antes” unfurls over keyboards that recall the X Files soundtrack. Spanish rapper El Mini gets a feature on “Flush,” on which Kaydy clarifies “tengo 24 putas, solo una mujer.” 

Pxxr Gvng has always courted controversy over their lyrics, which are admittedly rife with misogynist language. This March, a three concert tour through Galicia planned for Kaydy Cain was canceled when feminist groups incensed by his usage of “puta” and the “Hazte Cuenta” video featuring the kidnapping of a woman, launched campaigns protesting his appearances.

Money From Nothin’ will do nothing to ingratiate him to those who demand respectful language and good vibes from rappers — it’s clear that he hasn’t come to see eye to eye with those censors. But it’s not simple. Lines like “esta puta era preciosa, de veras” from “Andrea,” his collaboration with Takers Squad associate Caballo de Rally, strike a multi-tonal note.

Rappers have long argued for their artistic license to reflect the language of the complicated streetscapes they portray. Kaydy is quick to remind reporters that the rough language is “una manera de hablar,” and that US rappers drop “bitch” like it’s nothing. The debate isn’t likely to be solved any time soon — but in the meantime, Pxxr Gvng and its trap constellation seem unlikely to stop shining.