Kid Chaos Flips A$AP Rocky’s “Canal St.” into a Dark Club Banger

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In the hands of Dominican producer Kid Chaos, “Canal St.” morphs from a swirling, break-driven standout of A$AP Rocky‘s album At Long Last A$AP into a speaker-crushing groove. The haunting, melodic piano keys remain, but the original breaks are slowed to under 90 BPM, giving the track a zouk bass touch. The track also features Jersey Club bed squeaks, chopped trap claps, squealing samples borrowed from Cypress Hill‘s “Insane In The Brain,” as well as a plethora of other sensual and suggestive sounds tossed in for color. This is a muted but exciting production that demands to be heard as a night at the club winds to a close and the after party is about to start. Grab this one here.