Omulu & King Doudou’s New EP Bounces From Explosive Baile Trap to Slick Dancehall in a Heartbeat

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The latest chapter in baile funk and trap’s flirtation has arrived, a continuation of a tradition of fusion practiced by the EDM-toned rhythms of Brazilian artists like Tropkillaz, and nurtured through an continuous stream of remixes of your favorite baile funk artists. Welcome to Baile Saboroso, the two-track EP from King Doudou and Rio de Janeiro’s lusciously bearded Omulu.

The EP was released by Man Recordings, which has been putting out South American, African and Caribbean electronic music since it was started in 2005 by DJ Daniel Haaksman. The tracks selected for the album are an up-down beat pairing. The title track features vocals by MC Pedrinho, the São Paulo teen vocalist who has been putting out music since he was nine years old. Doudou and Omulu’s creation comes out of the gate strong, an explosive, easily adaptable beat that’s going to translate well across a variety of global dance floors. This is where the artists say the trap comes in, but it’s in the form of an antsy downbeat that honestly, could pertain to several other genres in this, the era of dark house.

In stark contrast, “Bonde de Pantera” is a daytime jam, a smooth, steel drum-inspired beat that makes the most of vocals from São Paulo’s MC Tha, a femme-voiced talent who has been coming up over the last year or so. The variation between the two songs seems intentional, a “here’s what we can do” from two established producers setting groundwork for future releases, a prospect we’re fully on board with.

Baile Saboroso is available now via Man Recordings.