King Doudou Adds Dembow Flavor to JuL & Alonzo’s “Normal”

French producer King Doudou has blessed us with a dembow remix of the JuL & Alonzo track “Normal,” retitling it “Normaval.” Flipping the instrumental to contain elements of Dutch bubbling (aka chipmunk samples), Southern drum kicks, and of course, a dembow sensibility, Doudou uses a repeated loop of the hook over the new infectious beat.

Doudou may hail from France, but his bread and butter is incorporating Caribbean rhythms into his projects. With his Los Jueves de Dembow series, Doudou has released four tracks that he feels accurately represent his adoration for the genre. On his website, he says, “Each one of those tracks has its own different style, seasoned with different spices and they’ve been carefully tested in various club environments for [maximum] results.” Check out Doudou’s previous Los Jueves de Dembow releases here.