Producer King Doudou and Chile’s Zonora Point Come Together For Trap-Heavy ‘Neon Mixtape VI’

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French producer Douster creates reggae, cumbia and Latin-influenced sounds under the moniker of King Doudou. With just over a year under his belt working as his alter ego, he takes his talents to the next level by producing the Neon mixtape for Chilean trap rappers Zonora Point. Twelve tracks in total, the relationship between the rap duo and Doudou on this mixtape feels akin to Young Thug and his favorite producer London on the Track.

The mixtape has pop appeal similar to Thug’s latest album Barter 6, with tracks like “Nada De Ti” allowing Doudou to bring a muted bubbling quality to reggaeton, that when added to the dubby vocal chops on the production makes the track truly unique. “Espero Verte,” featuring Chilean vocalist Mariel Mariel stands out because of the juxtaposition of the production’s rough edges and the rapper’s dark, weird lyricism against the sweet vocals from the chanteuse on the hook. Swirling minor key banger “Sin Miedo” closes the mixtape and features Santiago’s Marlon Breeze. The autotune on the track is initially not the wave, but that minor key synth allows the vocal to eventually feel more cohesive within the track’s mix.

While not breaking any new territory, the combination of Zonora Point and Doudou exceeds the sum of its parts.

Download this mixtape here.