Kupa Drops 8-bit Juke via Guacamayas EP

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Mexico City 8-bit bass guru Kupa is back from an extended recess with his Guacamayas EP that just sprung into existence through footwork-oriented label Ten Toes Turbo. As you might’ve guessed, the work on this EP is strongly juke and footwork based, but its approach is quite unique with very little preceding examples. It’s 8-bit juke!

The theme of the EP fits perfectly with everything Ten Toes is about, a mix of tropical sounds with advanced electronic beats. Kupa’s title track is by far one of the biggest bangers within the set. It’s a track filled with melodic energy and the grainy raw experience of sounds crushed down to 8 bits of sonic information. The combination of these blocky-sounding elements with a chest-pounding sub bass line is the overall hook of the original tracks, exploring various types of polyphonic melodies that can only make us think of a pretty engaging Nintendo game set in a pixelated jungle.

To complement this great delivery, Kupa received two remixes by close collaborators. We have Ruido’s remix for “Guacamayas” in which he gives the track’s percussion and synth lines a personal treatment under the same crushed rawness that exemplifies Kupa’s signature sound. As a third take of this title track comes MHV’s remix, taking all that lo-fi juke gravy to a hi-fi level, elevating the emotive touch of the melodies with an even more submerged bass experience.

Guacamayas is out and ready to be downloaded through Ten Toes Turbo, and will be available for free for the next week only, so don’t get caught up with the awesome streaming of this unique piece of work and get your free personal copy while you can.