In Folk-Meets-Reggaeton “Nada Me Pertenece” Video, La Doña Drinks With the Grim Reaper

Lead Photo: Photo by Natalie Aleman Courtesy of the Artist
Photo by Natalie Aleman Courtesy of the Artist
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To say that Cecilia Peña-Govea is a promising artist is an understatement. Listening to “Nada Me Pertenece” – as well as watching her video, which we’re premiering – will make it clear that La Doña is arriving on the scene with strong statements and even stronger music.

Hailing from San Francisco, Peña-Govea comes from a family of musicians, and has been playing live music since she was seven years old. If her music sounds like she has a deep knowledge of Latin American folk music, it’s because her involvement goes beyond her work as La Doña: she teaches mariachi to first graders, plays conjunto professionally, and has a job at Pandora. So far, she has released three singles as La Doña, and all three have made a big impact with everyone who has come to contact with them. If you’re unfamiliar, prepare to be converted.

Photo by Natalie Aleman Courtesy of the artist
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“Nada Me Pertenece” is a great example of her unique musical approach. From the get-go, you can hear folky music elements like stringed acoustic instruments, but when you least expect it, a dembow beat drops to amplify the vibe of the track. Melodically, it’s evident how the structure of “Nada Me Pertenece” takes its cues from son cubano and other Latin Caribbean sounds. The results are irresistible. According to Peña-Govea, “[‘Nada Me Pertenece’] revels in the space between afterlife and earth, in the relationship between a femme who is the tender source of earthly power and her comadre la muerte,” she told Remezcla.

The video for the song finds La Doña drinking with Death, depicted as a pair of friends spending time together. The visuals for “Nada Me Pertenece” were created by Paños Mojados, an all-Latina production company from Mexico City. According to director Bibiana González, the overall concept of the song is about accepting the inevitable.

Things are just starting for La Doña, so it will be exciting to see where it takes her.

Watch the video here: