“La Educación” Is Quitapenas’ Urban Tropicalia Take on the Failing Education System

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy the artist
Photo courtesy the artist
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Self-described “urban tropicalia without restraint” group Quitapenas are back with a new single “La Educación” – and upbeat number that is anything but lighthearted. The song’s main theme – a criticism of the education system – was inspired by the 2006 Oaxacan teacher’s strike. On “La Educación” the band uses their platform to harken education to a social weapon which governments increasingly deny its people – cuasing a widening divide in the classes.

As with other Quitapenas releases, the combo derives their influences from sounds of Angola, Brazil, Colombia, and various other regions, while injecting a Southern Californian sense of playfulness – even with the song’s thematic severity.

“The lyrics reflect a narrative that supports the peoples right to take to the streets for education,” says the band’s Daniel Gomez, “Although the actual events that took place were devastating and unjust, the music is uplifting and positive. With ingredients from Champeta, Soukous, and High-Life, the composition is intended to provide hope, support, and the idea that a community’s togetherness can bring positive change.”

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