An International Perreo Trinity Links for La Favi’s Fierce “Lluvia” Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla

Props to Chilean director and artist Enciclopedia Color for capturing the distinct vibrations of an international holy trinity of reggaeton singers for La Favi’s Deltatron-produced single “Lluvia.” The video isn’t just eye catching — EC gets extra points for being able to organize logistics around three vocalists who were each located on a different continent.

But those cross time zone Skype calls paid off. “Lluvia,” off the Bay Area artist’s recently released Reir y Llorar EP, features Spain’s Ms Nina and Chile’s Tomasa del Real. It’s a showcase of three rising reggaeton starlets, each framed in her own power moment in the song’s visuals. Nina shows out in schoolgirl sweetness, twirling on a street corner with Enciclopedia Color’s charming digitized leopards leaping around her. La Favi plays her star turn in a retro boudoir and fierce tube dress, taking moments to step under a satisfying amount of condensation. Tomasa sings in the sands of her native Iquique, framed by a interstellar portal.

They present three very different approaches to feminine power, and provide definitive validation for Terror Negro Records founder Deltatron’s idea to get the three on their own track. We’re trying to see this song performed live one day, should the three’s flight patterns ever converge.