La Mafia del Amor Shares “Bonita,” a Perreo Ode to Women Whose Looks Could Kill

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On the heels of our recent feature documenting the next generation of reggaeton comes the perfect follow-up: the newest single from La Mafia del Amor, the perreo side project of Spain’s PXXR GVNG trap crew. Here, the boys have done what they do best: provide their hemisphere with a gleaming, auto-tuned party track.

You can probably guess what “Bonita” is about: a beautiful girl with 360-degree #views, or as Yung Beef puts it, “a bitch who kills and tortures me.” (Eh.) The rhapsodic track also features emcees Khaled and Kaydy Cain, and is just as party-present as the rest of La Mafia’s catalog, which includes odes to the female form, like 2014’s “Maldades” and the equal opportunity player’s anthem “Independiente” (Sample lyric: “If she has 20 boyfriends, it’s all the same to me.”)

The group wastes no time on love, but they have all the minutes to appreciate feminine whine and wiles. We’ve mentioned before how their take on love most closely resembles a reggaeton game Chris Brown. This latest track is all about Breezy’s vocabulary of one-night stand seduction, like any good party song.

There’s no denying that the group has given you the soundtrack you need to finish your summer parrandas strong. Pay your respects to “Bonita”‘s hip-activating powers of seduction by turning your perreo partner around several times on the dancefloor this weekend. They deserve the culo-cara panorama.

The La Mafia del Amor crew has also curated an exclusive playlist for us, one that illustrates the sounds of their infamous Barcelona-born party series Perreo 69. Prepare to enter La Mafia del Amor’s underworld with tracks from weirdo Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert to classic N.O.R.E. jams.

Stream the playlist via Apple Music below: