La Mafia del Amor Continue Their Victory Lap With “Déjate Llevar”

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Judging from the intro to their brand new joint, La Mafia Del Amor got inspired by their recent trip to Mexico as PXXR GVNG. Either they laid down the track while visiting the country for their stellar slot at this year’s Raymondstock, or they did it right afterwards. They even got emerging rhymers Los Evangélicos De La Calle to help them express their lascivious desires on “Déjate Llevar.”

Be it with their reggaeton project or their main hip-hop outing, they have had a spectacular year so far, and they continue to deliver the goods. Over a Pipo Beats instrumental that features an irresistible beat and cheap synths, the members of the band talk their usual sex-obsessed lyrics, guaranteeing to set dancefloors as well as many a Latin American whip ablaze.