Listen to Gothic Cumbieros La MiniTK del Miedo Tackle Merengue on “Bruja!”

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La MiniTK del Miedo are a Colombian trio that have been dubbed “the inventors of gothic cumbia” – and even if perhaps they are not the pioneers of the genre, they have gained a proper reputation for giving some fresh blood to older styles. La MiniTK have been breeding newer rituals for the contemporary wave of cumbia revival.

Their mission is clear: to bust clichéd Latin American sounds wide open, with an approach that evokes a darker side of our folklore. This time around, they have thrown a new single called “¡Bruja!” (a sort of love/hate call on… well… witches) that retains some of their phantasmagoric lyrics but takes the tempo dangerously upwards towards a merengue rhythm (while still retaining the synth layers and delays that characterize their sound).

This track belongs to their new release, La Trilogía de la Salvación, dropping on March 7th – just a few days before they’re set to perform at Vive Latino.