Lagartijeando Takes a Psychedelic Folk Trip Through the Andes on “Machacon,” Shares New Album

Three years ago, NPR’s Alt. Latino made a prediction that Argentine producer Lagartijeando (aka Mati Zundel) would be the next household name. He had all the right stuff to make it happen, including time working with ZZK and Waxploitation Records. Unfortunately, that prediction has yet to come true, but he’s definitely on the right path with his latest release as testament to his hard work and talent.

“Machacon” is the debut track and first video of his latest album, Cardos Rodeando via Frente Bolivarista. It’s a seven-track adventure through the beaches of Brazil and the Bolivian Andes. Musically, Lagartijeando has a spiritual cousin in Chancha Via Circuito, although the former places a stronger emphasis on Andean and folk string instruments, of which the debut track serves as a great example.

Zundel appears in “Machacon” armed with his laptop, guitarrita, and pan flute as he takes his listeners on a bailecito psicodélico andino. Like his spiritual musical cousin, he combines electronic wizardry with South American folk music. Unlike him, however, the music is much less psychedelic and spacey, as Zundel opts for a musical approach that feels more grounded.