NAAFI’s Lao Flips Branko’s “Fluxo” Into a Tropical Machine-Gun Storm

Lead Photo: Photo by João Retorta
Photo by João Retorta
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Enchufada label boss Branko released the massive ATLAS album last year, and he’s celebrating its success with a brand new collection of remixes titled ATLAS ExpandedLao, a Mexico City-based producer representing Mexico’s infamous underground NAAFI crew, has remixed “Fluxo,” a next-level Jersey club-meets-baile funk single. The tandem of Branko and DJ Sliink’s original is a shaken-not-stirred trap-bass storm, with Mr. MFN eXquire and DonCesao’s frenetic bars skittering across the tempo-shifting bassline.

Lao’s remix is a techno-club hybrid, as the original’s organic percussion takes a backseat to baile funk riddims, Baltimore club-style breaks, and a sample of 2 Hyped Brothers And A Dog’s 1988 Miami bass classic “Doo Dew Brown.” This one simmers just before boiling, then shimmies, pauses, and stutter-steps across a searing groove. On a project that includes producers like kuduro kingpin Dotorado Pro, gqom lover Jumping Back Slash, house fave Tony Quatro and more, this could be one of the more standout overall productions.

ATLAS Expanded also features the following tracks. Purchase the whole bundle here.

1. Take Off (feat. Princess Nokia) (Rastronaut’s Laser Baile Mix)

2. Out of Sight (So Right) (feat. Rodes) (Max le Daron Remix)

3. On Top (feat. Zanillya, Capadose & The Ruffest) (Ckrono & Slesh + Beauty Brain Remix)

4. Eventually (feat. Alex Rita & Bison) (Dotorado Pro Remix)

5. Let Me Go (feat. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack) (Jumping Back Slash Remix)

6. Paris-Marselha (feat. Cachupa Psicadélica) (Siete Catorce Remix)

7. Fluxo (feat. Mr. MFN eXquire, DonCesao & DJ Sliink) (Lao Remix)

8. Take Off (feat. Princess Nokia) (Kashaka Remix)

9. Whole Night (feat. Okmalumkoolkat & Lewis CanCut) (STAS Remix)

10. Eventually (feat. Alex Rita & Bison) (Tony Quatro Remix)