Argentine Singer-Songerwriter LARA Shares Heartwarming Folk Pop Single “Fuego Blanco”

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Once upon a time, there was an all-girl Argentine trio called No Lo Soporto, which took their country by storm with their furious rock songs laden with pop sensibilities. They even became protégés of none other than Gustavo Cerati, collaborating on “Nunca Iré” back in 2010. Sadly, the band didn’t last too long, but Lara Pedrosa, the band’s former bass player and singer, quickly emerged with a promising solo career.

What she’s shared so far has been incredibly gorgeous, but scarce; she’s only put out two original songs and a cover in three years. Now she’s throwing us another bone, and it has made the wait worthwhile. “Fuego Blanco” was produced by Lara herself and Roger Delahaye. It opens with a beautiful, folky fingerpicked acoustic guitar, joined by an electronic beat shortly after. Samples of choral vocals also appear, and give the song a tremendously uplifting and heartwarming aura, which pairs perfectly with Lara’s breathy voice and romantic, intimate lyrics. This song has got us praying she doesn’t take too long to release more original music.