Laura León covered “Tusa” & It Slaps

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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“Tusa,” like many other big hits before, has been the subject of numerous covers in different styles by both professional artists and funny Tik-Tokers. But just when we thought we had heard every possible interpretation of the anthem, a new challenger arises and puts an amazing and fun take on it.

The legend Laura León blessed us today with her own version of the banger and it’s every bit as good as you think it is. In collaboration with electronic producer León Leiden, the song’s dembow rhythm morphs into an electro-tropical thump with León’s signature delivery giving the lyrics more gravitas that will bring a smile to the listener’s face. Unfortunately, she does without reinterpreting the Nicky Minaj verse but instead gives us a spoken-word interlude that’s just *chef kiss.*

This cover debuted in late February 2020 at EDC Mexico festival when La Tesorito guested on Leiden’s set. For that occasion, she also sang an EDM version of her signature song “Suavecito, Suavecito.”

This is not the first time León has collaborated with a contemporary electronic musician, since she made a joint EP with provocateur Silverio in 2015, including yet another version of “Suavecito, Suavecito.”

We didn’t know how much we needed this version of “Tusa” but now we can’t imagine life without it.