Iggy Pop Sings in Spanish on Le Butcherettes’ Terrifying Punk Lullaby “La Uva”

After winning the favor of alternative icons like Shirley Manson, Henry Rollins, and the Melvins (the latter took them on an extensive tour and even released a split single with them); Teri Gender Bender and her Butcherettes are back with a new album after last year’s Cry Is For The FliesA Raw Youth is another chapter in their ongoing punk-infused blues rock explorations, but it does have one surprise: a duet with Iggy Pop in Spanish.

“La Uva” is a singsong-y rhyme that tells the tale of a grape. It could almost be a children’s song if not for the fuzzy bass-heavy setting and stomping blues rock drumming that accompanies the melodies. To add another dimension, Le Butcherettes sample a ragtime recording that might as well have been queued up from a phonograph. While other cuts from the record are about trouble in Teri’s life, this one is a fun number with the seriousness directed at the music. Besides, hearing the legendary godfather of punk singing about a grape is hilarious.

Watch the video of the two recording and bonding in the studio above.