Le Parody Soars With Single “Saetas en el Aire”

Lead Photo: Photo by Julio Albarran
Photo by Julio Albarran
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Have you ever made a kite? It’s as much an exercise in patience and engineering as it is creativity. You have to gather your materials (bamboo, cellophane, twine), and build a solid frame before you can embellish it with fun colors and shapes. Then there’s the matter of making sure it can withstand strong gusts and crashes. Arduous as it may be, the reward of seeing your creation fly away into the world is instantaneous, leaving your heart to float away with it. Music is no different.

On “Saetas en el Aire,” the first single off their sophomore album Hondo, Le Parody showcase musical craftsmanship by combining drum machine loops, ethereal eastern tinged sounds, and chant-like vocals. You can perceive the large array of elements that compose this one piece, all layered on each other with enviable effortlessness. Though complex, the track always retains a sense of lightness and buoyancy –  a musical kite, if you will. The beat thumps while singer Sole Parody’s soothing yet commanding voice entrances the listener, creating a hyper cool and almost mystical mood, like it could be the soundtrack to a super chic desert pilgrimage where all the men are falconers, and the women wear Commes des Garçons headscarves. The Middle Eastern feel on the track is not accidental, as Sole has stated that she secluded herself for about a year on an olive grove to work on the new album, citing Moroccan music and Bollywood as major influences.

Cásala, the Spanish duo’s 2012 debut was wonderfully whimsical, full of layered vocals, ukulele and charming DIY production, making Hondo and interesting shift in sound, which Sole has described as a grittier and much less timid effort, with ramped up samples and beats. This new ‘dirtier’ sound should not come as much of a surprise from an outfit known for performing at house parties, parking lots and any space where a crowd might gather. The album is due in September with American distribution by Ponk Records, and Le Parody have already begun touring Spain in support.

The single can be found on iTunes and Spotify, and is also currently available for exclusive download on Ponk Records’ Soundcloud. Find the link above and let it whisk you away.