Le Parody Takes Us Across The Universe in the “Hondo Agujero” Video

Spanish indie troubadours Le Parody just released the video for “Hondo Agujero,” the second single off their forthcoming album Hondo, and it’s a trip to your local galactic oasis. The video is reminiscent of sensory deprivation, featuring celestial imagery, oceanic landscapes, and clips of people suspended underwater. 3-D filters and layering of the clips add to the overall feeling of euphoria and zero gravity.

Following the sonic theme of their previous single “Saetas en el Aire,” “Hondo Agujero” builds on the band’s distinctive use of Middle Eastern percussion, looped string arrangements, and vocals so distorted it’s as though Sole Parody were singing through a can attached to a string. Yet it all comes together as a joyful and cohesive carnival of sound. About halfway through the song, we reach a single beautiful trumpet break, which eventually leads the melody for the duration of the track, transforming it from simple, sample-based music into an emotionally intricate composition.

Hondo arrives on October 2 via Ponk Records, and it’s gearing up to be one of this fall’s records to watch. Grab “Hondo Agujero” for free here.