Learn Your Colombian Salsa Choke 101 With This Latino Resiste Compilation

Lead Photo: Design by: Afromestiza Visual.
Design by: Afromestiza Visual.
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Digilabel Latino Resiste is back doing what they do best, dropping a new compilation that highlights another ultra-specific Latin American subculture through free digital archives. This time, they’re shining a light on the bubbling salsa choke scene that’s taken over Cali, Colombia in a direct extension of the Afro-Latin diaspora. Representing a new generation of urban music that’s taking longtime regional traditions–in this case, Cali’s salsa dura–and kneading in a sample bank from across hip-hop, dancehall, and reggaeton, salsa choke is basically an ultra-customized Caleño party playlist, though it’s hardly confined to just that city (see: the Colombian National Team’s World Cup celebration GIF’d round the globe):

The compilation features local talent Los Traviesos (“Wiki Wiki” makes the most of a highly-recognizable Missy Elliott sample loop), Joel Mosquera, Matback & Leka El Poeta, William Rimante, and more. It’s the first compilation of its kind to press pause and do some mapping of the scene that’s currently exploding, which existed before in a nebulous but equally powerful way through Youtube plays and street soundsystem culture on the Pacific coast. Latino Resiste, keeping true to their promise of direct collaborations for their compilations, show the cosigning of artists that have been around for way longer than the birth of the scene, with DJ Marlong of Son & Sabor curating the tracks, and the involvement of cumbia cósmica maestro Pernett and selector Jebuke.

The label also brought graphic designer Afromestiza on board, who’s responsible for much of the visual identity of the massive annual Afro-Colombian music festival Petronio Martinez.

You can download the free compilation here.