Lechuga Zafiro Remixes a Single From Hot Chip’s Sarah Jones Into a Hellish Workout

Lead Photo: Photo by Paul D. Major
Photo by Paul D. Major
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When Hot Chip drummer Sarah Jones launched her solo career as Pillow Person, it stood to reason that the retrofuturist indietronica singer would be exploring new territory. Pillow Person’s sweet, dance pop debut “Go Ahead,” which dropped in August, was an admirable start, but we are hype on the latest effort: a Lechuga Zafiro remix that’s only going to ignite dance floors with its taunting refrains.

Pillow Person is Jones’ first solo project after a crop of group efforts: in addition to her role with Hot Chip, she’s played in NZCA/Lines, plus duo Technology+Teamwork with Anthony Silvester. It was about time we got to see her in the spotlight.

And remix reinvigoration is to be expected from the founder of Montevideo’s experimental Salviatek label. Lechuga Zafiro has turned in work with NAAFI and Stockholm’s Staycore crew, and recently has made a practice of twisting up sweet vocalist tracks.

If “In My Game” has left you in Lechuga’s court, you should also press play on the producer’s moody, gasping “Frequency” remix off the recently released NAAFI-NON mixtape featuring Brooklyn singer-songwriter Embaci. As a lesson in counter-colonization, he “exorcised” the original English phrases from the beat, providing intellectual activism to go with the track’s R&B seduction.