Leitvox Debuts Video For “A Whole Other Country”, Featuring The Late Gavin Clarke

After years of being an up-and-coming artist from Mexico City who traveled afar to work on his music, Leitvox – aka Christian Cooley – put down roots in deep trip-hop and downtempo influences with a pop spin. As of late, his project has landed more and more interesting collaborations, being remixed by the likes of Ladytron and also putting out music with several singers… some whom are pretty legendary.

This time around, Leitbox debuts a new slow-mo video for “A Whole Other Country,” a track featuring the late Gavin Clarke (yes, the singer also known for his memorable collaborations with UNKLE and for his band, Clayhill). In this heady tune, Gavin’s vocals are soothing and luminous, accompanied by an electric synthesizer.

The video was directed by the Flaminguettes and filmed with a huge crew. It showcases a girl gang that could have come straight out of 90s cult film The Craft, who, after eating some trippy cotton candy, are transported to a psychedelic, iridescent and surreal world. It’s dark and whimsical all at once —not unlike other Leitvox’s musical moments— and taken together with the Gavin’s vocals and the lyrics, it creates a beautiful, escapist landscape.

The video also works as a posthomous homage by Leitvox. Long life to Gavin Clarke through his music!