L’enfant Terrible Shares “Make You Happy,” a Throwback to Early 00s Indietronica

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Two months ago we were surprised by Antonio Campos de Orellana‘s new work as L’enfant Terrible, taking an unexpected turn from the bright future bass-inspired instrumental tracks he makes under his Hykuu moniker. He grabbed his guitar and decided to make simple and straightforward pop rock songs, as he showed us on “Together,” which also features his hushed vocals right up front.

His second offering as L’enfant Terrible, “Make You Happy,” he replaces his guitar with synths and creates a heartfelt indie pop ballad that captures the spirit of the great indietronica days. The chord progression instantly screams Twin Peaks, and the vocal treatment finds him close to The Postal Service. He incessantly and honestly repeats, “I just wanna make you happy/Just wanna make it right,” and we believe him.