Li Saumet is a Comparsera Alien at a Trippy Space Carnival in Video for “Fiesta”

As if the hype for Bomba Estéreo’s new album Amanecer wasn’t at its peak, the Colombian group just dropped one of the most entertaining videos we’ve seen this year.

In “Fiesta,” singer Li Saumet is a comparsera alien traveling across the universe and her mission is simple: deliver the most insane neon-painted booty-shaking seizure-causing party the cosmos has ever witnessed.

Saumet and her crew set up a futuristic carnival filled with gif-worthy moments that only gets more intense as the song get closer to its climax. The video is really trippy and silly but ultimately dope.

Amanecer drops on June the 2nd, and four days later Bomba will start a supporting tour across many U.S. cities and some European venues.

bomba estereo fiesta