Lima’s I Am Genko Presents An Audiovisual Sugar Rush For New Machine-Made Single

We know about I Am Genko’s many musical endeavors: as a band member (Tourista), as a DJ, as an urban musical interventor, and most importantly as a producer. His mission to reexamine boundaries based on the ethos that “electronic music is not only for dancing” leads to a new kind of genre–self-defined by Genko as “w00t muzak”–that combines machine-made sounds with juvenile sensibilities.

The obvious and the strange combine on “Sweets,” which, according to the makers at Pasaje 18, is “a video to watch just before eating dessert.” Chocolates, jelly beans, dairies, nuts, and starfruits fight for screen time against some bizarre choices of “kinda sweet” peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic cloves, and carbonated drinks. It’s probably not bound to make much sense, but it fits perfectly with the playful, agitated spirit of the song.

For now, “Sweets” is not part of any upcoming album, but is rather just a song that I Am Genko enjoys and hopes the rest of us will too. After the audiovisual sugar rush, I’ll go get some cheesecake.