Listen to Adrián Juárez’s Araucarias EP for a Stroll Through the Jungle

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On his brand new album, Argentinian singer/songwriter Adrián Juárez jumps out of the bedroom and into the wild. Aucararias (2014, Caminar de Elefante) is an album based on the concept of a day in the jungle, from sunrise, when it’s sunny and bright, to sunset, when it’s quiet and full of creatures. It’s a fun and lovely record, filled with nature sounds, like birds, crickets, flies, and entirely influenced by folkloric African music, specifically from Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe. But, of course, Juárez filters those influences through his pop vision.

From the first few seconds of album opener “Los Rugientes,” we immediately get the concept, with the presence of flavorful African percussion, melodies, and guitar playing style. As the album develops, alongside our journey in the jungle, Juárez takes you for a walk through the world he created for you, with the occasional addition of synths and backing vocals. But one thing that’s constant throughout the album is the singer’s quiet, hushed voice, singing almost like he was telling a secret. The song “Araucarias,” a lullaby-like tune, marks the end of the day in a peaceful, calm way.