Listen to Matias Aguayo’s New Hazy Techno Dancefloor EP

Not too long ago, Chilean darling Matias Aguayo quietly released a new five-track EP through German electronic music label Kompakt, called Legende. Compared to his latest album, The Visitor (2013, Cómeme), here we get a much calmer, more pensive version of Aguayo, but equally as creative. He strips his music away from the tropical rhythms and percussion, in favor of more atmospheric textures, giving us a techno moment for a hazier dancefloor.

An instrumental version of the opening track, “Run Away from the Sun,” is included, so you can appreciate the programming details; but the song lyrics (the only one with vocals, by the way) are one of the most interesting elements, as we have Aguayo telling a story about a romantic vampire waiting for a kiss. And track number four, “Walty,” is a surprisingly beautiful and ethereal song. This EP shows nothing but versatility from the Chilean producer.