Listen to Sexores’ Historias de Frío EP, An Ethereal Wall of Sound

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Pressing play will bring you face to face with an ethereal and intricate wall of sound. With slightly gothic edges, Sexores make shoegaze music with dream pop touches, a intimate sound and a world that you delve into from the first listen. Headphone use is recommended.

Incredibly, this noise is made by two people who go by the names of 606 (drums, sequences) and 2046 (vocals, guitar, sequences). In reality, the members of Sexores are called David Yépez and Emilia Bahamonde, respectively. Both are from Quito, Ecuador but, after Bahamonde got robbed of her equipment at gunpoint, they decided to move to Barcelona, leaving behind three of the original five people in the band.

Historias de Frío sees Sexores bringing their A game. Their timeless sound is punctuated by subtle math themes that run through the songs; although the music is simple in its arrangements, their layered sound invites you to press “repeat” all day long. They are currently taking said music on a European tour.

Listen to Historias de Frío right here.