Tigria’s El Transito de Venus EP is Electro Pop That Feels Both Fresh and Nostalgic

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be that guy or girl? You know, the “I knew [insert famous artist here] before he/she/they was/were famous” guy or girl. What if someone gave you the chance to be that person?

Of course, no one can predict the future. Sure, hit stars can become one-hit-wonders or worse, while decidedly uncommercial artists can write the right song with the right sound at the right time and, boom, they shoot to the stratosphere and to headline major festivals. We, music writers, try to guide listeners to what’s good and sometimes we put our necks on the line when backing someone we believe are the future.

Rather than assure you, dear reader, that Tigria are the future and that you should hop on their bandwagon right now before it gets too full; I will tell you about a great pop band blossoming. Here’s the chance to see the course of their career from the very start. Tigria, in fact, already sound like they are headlining festivals .

The Mexico City-based trio formed by Natalie Reyes, Jerson Vázquez (both also in Torreblanca) and Israel Pompa-Alcalá (also in Belafonte Sensacional and Coyoli) play a unique blend of electro pop that feels fresh and nostalgic at the same time. Sugary melodies house lyrics full of astral and magical imagery to deal with themes of self-assurance and heartbreak. “Ruinas” expertly employ autotune to its benefit while“Limeranzas” uses melancholic melodies, warm tones and sine-wave electronics that evoke a vivid mood. Most of the songs are as catchy as pop gets.

Tigria may not have the road to the top assured but they have the potential to break big while producing a sophisticated take on melodic music, something tons of people can appreciate.