Listen to Balancer’s Tipsoo, Feel-Good Indie Pop Informed by Psychedelia

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Now, this is something refreshing. After a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their debut full-length, Balancer recently released Tipsoo, a 10-track album filled with feel-good indie pop songs informed by psychedelia. The band, formed in Boston with members from Colombia and Puerto Rico, and based in Brooklyn, have a very good ear for pop melodies and giving song exactly what they need. The instrumentation on the album is kept to a minimum, but the production work is good enough to highlight their presence and make them sound full. Singer Francisco Valentin sings in English, with the grandeur of Phoenix’s Thomas Mars, most notably in songs like “The Age is a Gift.” The album mix is bright and detailed, and everything just sounds in its right place. Don’t sleep on this one.