Listen to BFlecha’s Beta Reinterpreted by Teklife’s DJ Manny, Hosoi & More

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Galician producer Belén Vidal, a.k.a. BFlecha, released one of the most compelling and exciting albums of 2013, and now she decided to let some of her friends reinterpret some selections off it. On βeta Remixes (2014, Arkestra) we can find four remixes of three songs from βeta, and the producers really took them to new places.

Of course DJ Manny gave “B33” a footwork spin. The Teklife associate stripped the song from its original R&B vibes, he turned up the BPMs and the sub-bass, inserting jungle breaks here and there. We already shared our thoughts on DJ Q’s excellent UKG remix of “Mundo Bizarro.” American producer DJ Big O flipped the great “A Marte” and turned it into a Jersey Club track, with little touches of trap (like he wasn’t going to use those thick horns.) The EP closes with the second “B33” remix, courtesy of Hosoi, Beta contributor and member of Delorean. His take on it has a more ’80s pop feel, and sounds like something you could definitely find on the original album. Stream the EP right here: