Listen to Diego Rebella’s Confessional Album, A LA S KA

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On his second album in two years, Diego Rebella, the singer-songwriter from Montevideo, Uruguay, moves forward on his confessional style of music. A LA S KA is a folk album at heart, but it’s so much more than that. Song after song, he showcases his ability to be diverse while keeping everything together as a whole.

So, here we can find country and folk songs, as well as electronic tunes and old-school rock & roll. From the intimate (and boy, it is intimate) to the epic. But, besides the production and composition, what all the ten tracks on the album have as a common denominator is Rebella’s fragile and boyish-sounding voice, which is similar to Furland’s Segio Silva’s. But his lyrics aren’t a bit as fantastical as Silva’s. On the contrary, Rebella sings bittersweet, raw, even mean lyrics that sound like he’s putting it all out there.