Listen to Ezekiel’s heavier take on Matty Rico’s “Cheap Champagne”

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Ezekiel is always in control. He knows exactly how to make humongous crystal-clear beats that make the body shake in fractions of a second. Want a fresh example? He just shared his take on “Cheap Champagne,” a track by rapper Matty Rico, one of the many collaborators present on Camilo Lara and Toy Selectah’s forthcoming album, Compass.

The Mexican producer retains few but key elements from the original track, but takes it to a very classy dance floor. Classy, and also a little schizophrenic, since every time that arabesque-like hook kicks in, it feels like he references a different genre. But, of course, it is perfectly coherent, and he manages to take the track to another level. A heavier one.