Listen to Julián Mayorga ft. Javier Barría Sing About Birds With Insomnia in “Vigilia de las aves”

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Colombian singer/songwriter Julián Mayorga is making his return after the release of his last year EP Criptobiosis, which was probably his most experimental work to date. So, it comes as a surprise that the previews he has shared so far from his upcoming album, Atlas, are straightforward and a lot more conventional, but the beauty in sounds and composition is still there.

Mayorga just posted “Vigilia de las aves,” a gorgeous collaboration with Chilean singer Javier Barría, where he pays a subtle homage to Sparklehorse. The song feels very simple, but it’s charged with emotion, lovely atmospheres, and dynamics that make you feel all warm inside. Their voices complement each other very well, while they sing lyrics about birds with insomnia, using vivid and slightly futuristic metaphores.

Listen to Julian Mayorga’s “Vigilia de las aves” below, and make sure to support his crowdfunding campaign to help him complete and release Atlas.