Listen to Juventud Juche’s Belligerent Post-Punk Double Release

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“Llevo meses escupiendo, no consigo librarme de nada” – this stinging statement fired like a bullet by the raspy-voiced frontman Javier Molina, defines the spirit of aggressive rock trio Juventud Juché‘s new thing. The Almería-originating (but Madrid-based) band is releasing singles “Miedo” and “En tu casa” as part of a double release that will launch in late March on 7″ vinyl via the excellent independent Spanish label Sonido Muchacho, but you can get a preview now through the band’s bandcamp.

Completed with Arturo Hernández and Luis Fernández, the aesthetics of this project share DNA with their Andalucian mates and dirty punk bluesmen Guadalupe Plata or the Madrid garage team Fabuloso Combo Espectro. This work keeps in touch with their LP debut Quemadero – kick-in-the-head raw rock, sore guitars and lots of the funniest existential malaise that you can suffer head-banging to.