Listen To Mujercitas Terror Reach A New Plane On “Promess”

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There is a punk vibe going on during the length of “Promess,” the new Mujercitas Terror track. That vibe can be found on most of their songs so far, but this song is a bit different. It sounds as if they thought things before hand instead of letting it rip (not a bad thing by a long shot), and combines simple guitar riffs with vocal melodies to make something that sounds familiar yet exciting, instead of the sub-minute explosions the terrortastic band normal excel at. There’s a bit of that tunefulness that has made bands like Hüsker Dü and The Replacements classics in certain circuits.

The Argentine trio are giving us a sneak peek into their third as-yet-untitled record through “Promess,” and judging by it, it’s most likely going to rule. The song is also part of the new compilation Tercer Ojo, Tercer Mente, Tercer Mundo by fledging indie recording company EUAL (Estados Unidos de América Latina), a successor to cult Mexican label Vale Vergas, which can explain the inclusion of artists like Juan Cirerol, Selma Oxor, Mueran Humanos and Vegan Cannibal, in addition to Mujercitas and others.

Listen to the track here and look for the compilation, available on cassette form.