Listen to NRMAL Alumni Vinnum Sabbathi’s Stoner Doom Odyssey “Space X: Dragon/Falcon”

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If you think about it, Mexico City’s Vinnum Sabbathi’s music perfectly fits their imagery of real life space travel. Their riffs and soundscapes are as dark, vast, and imposing as the universe; and their slow tempos could be played at zero gravity without anyone noticing it. Although, thinking about it a little more, I may need to sneak a reference to gravity somewhere to make this comparison work, since Vinnum’s music is so heavy, it could have come from Jupiter.

The stoner doom foursome have been very prolific. Just this year, they have released two long EPs, contributed to a split EP featuring fellow Mexican heavies Terror Cósmico, Weedsnake, and El Ahorcado, and contributed to a few compilations. They have also played at the NRMAL Festival and been touring all over the country. Not bad for a band with members whose average age is 21.

“Space X: Dragon/Falcon” —inspired by a mission to provide scientific supplies to the ISS— is an almost 12 minute brilliant exploration of slow-evolving sonics of guitar amplification mass that will serve as half of a split release with Boston riff merchants Brimstone that will be available on cassette later this year through the German label Aim Down Sight.

Get lost in the monolithic power of Vinnum Sabbathi.